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I'm a developer currently based in Sydney, Australia. Take a look around - I've put up some information about myself as well as a portfolio of some projects I've done in the past.


A brief history...

I love designing and creating things, imagining something in my head and seeing it come alive with my hands... Now that might make you think, carpentry! That's the job for you! Well, while I was especially fond of my high school woodwork class, it wasn't to be. My younger self felt that a future lacking vitamin D and the prospect of weak bones was the better path to take.

So here I am writing code and creating websites. Fortunately this falls right into the category of imagining something in my head and making it come alive. In fact I love the satisfaction of producing something that is useful to the people using it, and looks good as it does its job. The latter is often juxtaposed against myself as I haphazardly pace, and sit and walk, watching all the pieces come together in my mind.

Of course while the process of my inspiration may not be relevant, I like to keep my code just that (relevant). As such I spend a lot of time making sure my code is neat and tidy, across the board in all my languages.


  • HTML
    Full professional proficiency
  • CSS
    Full professional proficiency
  • PHP
    Professional working proficiency
  • MySQL
    Professional working proficiency
  • ActionScipt
    Limited working proficiency
  • JavaScript
    Elementary proficiency


  • Developing and deploying a custom CMS, subscription and administration system for a Government funded agency
  • Developing a search algorithm for an online directory database
  • Improve content and site linking to improve SEO to top search spot


Kimberley Group Training

Design, build with custom built CMS and subscription system, and continual management

Patio Perfect

Logo and web design, site construction

East Kimberley Directory

UI development, construction, and search algorythm development


Simon Woodard

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